The Curious Case of the Cupcake

Beautiful. Colourful. Stylish. Popular. Delicious?


I’ve always had such a love/hate relationship with cupcakes.

I’m obsessed with the intricate designs adorning them – the endless beautiful possibilities that could only be created by those much more talented than myself. I’ve tried decorating simple ones and just about got to grips with it but I could only dream of having the skills to make such adorable treats such as those pictured.

A large part of the culinary arts is appearance. They say you eat with your eyes, at least at first, and I’m sure few of you out there would disagree. The number of times I’ve been seduced by a well-decorated cupcake I’ve lost count. But what has soured the experience for me is the disappointment when I’ve actually gotten round to tasting them.


It seems that beauty does NOT equal taste.
It might just be me, but cupcakes piled high with icing only serve to do one of three things:

  • become overpowering and sickening,
  • mask an otherwise bland cake,
  • be purely for show.

Often the tastiest cupcakes I’ve had have only had simple decoration and limited icing. In fact usually a good hearty slice of cake does the trick much better.

Maybe its just me.

I suppose¬†looks aren’t everything.
But you know what they say – never judge a book by its cover.
So I guess, never judge a cupcake by its icing!



Cakeology inspired Char’s experiences with “beautiful people” (and genuinely disappointing cupcakes).
Photos credited to sciencelakes.com and deliveredcupcakes.co.uk (respectively)