The Wrong Cake

Sometimes in life you don’t quite get the cake you ordered.

Let me set the scene for you a little… You’ve got your girlies together for nice cuppa, a good catch up and, of course, a splendid slice of cake. Life’s been so busy lately that just this simple gathering of friends has started to mean a lot to you. The friendly waitress has taken your orders, busily jotting them down on her notepad as she joins in your jokes. Within moments the sound of clinking tea cups arrives at your table and you start to think that the day couldn’t be more perfect. It’s exactly what you had been needing…

But as that happy thought passes through your mind and the shiny silver fork twirls through your fingers, you look down at the plate and feel your heart sink with the realisation that before you isn’t the deliciousness that will complete this perfect day. Instead, innocently sitting there, is cake of entirely a different kind.

Sad Cake
You glance back to the world around you to see your friends are excitedly tucking into their own slices. Your mind races with ideas of what you should do. The waitress is no longer with you for you to simply inform her of the mistake. You could disturb the fun and head over to the counter to exchange cake. But what if there is none of the you cake you wanted left, what if the waitress had had no choice but to give you an alternative? You’d look foolish returning to table with that same slice, still be feeling the same pang of disappointment and have disturbed the others fun for no reason. And so you’re faced with a decision that will determine the mood of the afternoon from then on, or rather your mood for the afternoon.

Do you pursue your desired cake or just tuck in to the alternative you’ve been served?



Cakeology inspired by Emma’s tough decisions.
Photo credit to clockworklemon.com.
Photo edited by Char.