The Bad Egg

“Baking time again! Uh-oh… the eggs are close to sell-by. Better check them.”

You fill a big bowl with water and carefully place each egg in. One by one they sink to the bottom.

Huzzah! You think as you collect together the rest of the ingredients.

In they all go until it’s time to add the eggs.

One egg *crack*.
Two eggs *crack*.
Three eggs…


Straight into your lovely mixture goes the smelliest bad egg you’ve ever had the misfortune to make contact with your olfactory senses. Not only that, but its ruined your whole mixture. Now you’re annoyed. You tested them. They all looked fine. But that one bad egg has ruined everything. Should you have tested each one in a cup first? Why should you have to be that cautious though? They were still within date, they should have been fine.
But it’s no use… it’s done.


So I’m going to come right out and say it. This was a pretty basic (and kinda shitty) analogy for something that’s been bothering me recently. #Yesallwomen has brought to light some of the horrific things women have gone through, and are still going through, every day. And among that, a large focus has been on the awful things done to women by men they reject, by men they’re in relationships with, and by ex-partners.

Unfortunately some schools of thought STILL blame the female victims.
“Why didn’t they just leave?”
“They shouldn’t have done/worn/behaved like…”
“They should have known the guy was bad in the first place.”
“It’s their fault for [X/Y/Z]”

This is not acceptable.

Instead of blaming women for the egg being bad, or for not knowing it was bad, remember that often these bad eggs appear normal on the outside. Sometimes they rise in the water and you know from the off that they’re no good. But equally as often they just seem like any other egg and show no signs until its too late. It is not the woman’s fault for “not being cautious”.

A woman shouldn’t have to be cautious (we’re swerving away from the eggs now… be cautious with actual eggs. Salmonella is no joke, kids). Instead of giving the responsibility to women, place it on the men. Teach them to respect women. Teach them not to objectify us. Teach them it’s not ok to harm us. Teach them they are not entitled to us. Teach them it is a sign of weakness, not strength, to attempt to hold power over a woman. Teach men to be human, not to be macho.

There’s a million things I could go on to say about this but I’ll save you the agony of reading my ramblings! Instead I recommend you search for yourself 🙂 And I’ll leave you with this little nugget…

#NotAllMen commit violence, but #YesAllWomen live in fear of it.



Cakeology inspired by #YesAllWomen.
Photo credit to eatthedamncake.com.


The Lemon Drizzle Dilemma

There’s nothing quite like a good sponge cake.

It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. It’s versatile. It’s a safety net when you’re not sure what cake to choose.  Frankly, it’s a classic.

But how many of you out there would really choose a sponge cake over, say, a chocolate fudge cake? Or a cheesecake? Or a lemon drizzle?

Let’s look at that lemon drizzle for a second.

Lemon Drizzle Dilemma

At its core it is a sponge cake: familiar and comforting. But the truth is, it’s so much more than that. It glistens with an exotic promise. The juxtaposition of sour and sweet will revitalise your senses. Your tongue will tingle with the tanginess of the lemon, and will be soothed by the sweetness of the sugar. Lemon drizzle is refreshing, moreish, and frankly an exciting cake.

But what’s wrong with a sponge cake?

If you choose the sponge cake because you love sponge cake more than the others then well done, you may exit here safe in the knowledge that you’re on the right track.

But if you choose the sponge cake because you fear the unfamiliarity of others, then heed our advice…

Make the change. Dare to try what makes you happy. It might be scary, but often the best things are. What is unfamiliar is only unfamiliar because you haven’t given it chance to be familiar. Being safe and comfortable in an old routine is fine for a time but will only lead to a life unfulfilled.

Dare to be happy. Enjoy the sponge, but don’t be afraid of the lemon drizzle.



Cakeology inspired by Nina’s ever interesting love life.
Photo credit to sofeminine.co.uk.
Photo edited by Char.