First Date with a Red Velvet

You know exactly the kind of cake you like. You’ve had different ones that you did enjoy tasting but this particular kind just does it for you. For me it’s Red Velvet. Oh my god, Red Velvet is seriously heaven on Earth. Yes it can be too sweet but it is exciting and unexpected.  It surprises you; in the best way possible.

soco-red-velvet-cake-from-the-boozy-baker 2

You’ve had a good cake relationship in this Café, ate slices from the same one and were content. Till one day the cake was gone. So you ask for another one, thinking they’d obviously have the one you like. But there are times when your usual and beloved Café runs out of Red Velvet cake. People fell in love with its extraordinary taste and took away all the pieces. So you are left with but one choice; find a new place that sells it.

You search and search, but apparently your favourite cake is now everyone’s favourite cake (you are allowed to act all hipster at this point – I give you permission), and you are getting quite upset. What if you don’t find another Red Velvet ever again? What if you are forced to eat a Victoria Sponge Cake or even worse, Carrot Cake? God, no. You have to find that cake if it’s the last thing you do.

One day, sitting on it’s gorgeous plate, you find it. It’s not as red as you remembered it looking but it definitely is the amazing Red Velvet. You enter shyly into the beautiful vintage Café you had never seen before and politely ask for it at the counter. The shop assistant is cheerful and as she brings it to you, you can almost hear the angels sing.

The table you choose is the one next to the window. You look around and notice people happily eating their favourite cakes, it feels encouraging and promising. Your fingers trace the fork as you stare at the cake. The frosting is as inviting as ever and you can almost taste it. You know exactly what it tasted like, as you’ve had it many times before. The seconds tick by and without a moment to lose you cut into the piece and bring the fork to your mouth. The smell tingles your nose. “Finally” you whisper.

And then you taste it. You nearly drop the fork with the shock.

This is Red Velvet? What?! No.

It doesn’t taste like what you remembered. It tasted strange and to be frank you don’t like it.

So what do you do? Do you take it back and ask for an explanation? Or do you eat it because well, it’s Red Velvet? The one you really like, right?




Inspired by the ever ongoing tales of dating. 

Photo by theboozybaker, edited by Nina.


The Lemon Drizzle Dilemma

There’s nothing quite like a good sponge cake.

It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. It’s versatile. It’s a safety net when you’re not sure what cake to choose.  Frankly, it’s a classic.

But how many of you out there would really choose a sponge cake over, say, a chocolate fudge cake? Or a cheesecake? Or a lemon drizzle?

Let’s look at that lemon drizzle for a second.

Lemon Drizzle Dilemma

At its core it is a sponge cake: familiar and comforting. But the truth is, it’s so much more than that. It glistens with an exotic promise. The juxtaposition of sour and sweet will revitalise your senses. Your tongue will tingle with the tanginess of the lemon, and will be soothed by the sweetness of the sugar. Lemon drizzle is refreshing, moreish, and frankly an exciting cake.

But what’s wrong with a sponge cake?

If you choose the sponge cake because you love sponge cake more than the others then well done, you may exit here safe in the knowledge that you’re on the right track.

But if you choose the sponge cake because you fear the unfamiliarity of others, then heed our advice…

Make the change. Dare to try what makes you happy. It might be scary, but often the best things are. What is unfamiliar is only unfamiliar because you haven’t given it chance to be familiar. Being safe and comfortable in an old routine is fine for a time but will only lead to a life unfulfilled.

Dare to be happy. Enjoy the sponge, but don’t be afraid of the lemon drizzle.



Cakeology inspired by Nina’s ever interesting love life.
Photo credit to sofeminine.co.uk.
Photo edited by Char.